We try to make as small a climate impression as possible here at Östergården. We recycle and buy local raw materials as much as possible.


Throughout the renovation of Östergården, we have used environmentally friendly materials and reused everything we have been able to take advantage of. In the barn we have used old logs and gear wheels etc. to recreate the feeling of the old barn there as well. The furniture for the lodge is bought second hand and the stage wall was formerly used on the old lodge as doors. We have painted with linseed oil paints and used paper cellulose for insulation in the house and both guesthouses and greenhouses are painted in tar vitriol. We cook the food from local ingredients and the food that is left over is recycled in bokashi buckets which we then stir into our pallet collars so we get new soil.

Ann’s jewelery is made of recycled silver and the products purchased for the store are carefully selected and purchased in small quantities.



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